Spooktacular Sounds!

Halloween is around the corner, and our family can’t wait to celebrate~! We were gifted some inspiration this week from Bliss’s Godmama Donna Scott. She crafted an awesome haunted gingerbread house via Trader Joe’s with her niece and nephew recently and posted some fab photos via social media. So, in honor of all things spooky, […]

Apples to Experience

With the change in temperature and seasons, our family is feeling a bit under the weather.  We’ve decided to take it easy for a couple of days to rest and regroup.  Since we are homebound, my initial post idea has altered to…..apples! This past weekend we gathered pumpkins + apples, and now with some time at […]

Turning up the Volume!

We are turning up the volume on Bliss’ speech immersion and therapy this fall! Our hope and goal for her is that by the time she begins kindergarten in 2016, she is on par with her naturally hearing, chronologically aged peers. She is currently attending her third year of preschool, five days a week, where […]

Blast from the past

I’m happily and finally back in the world of blog. It’s been a long hiatus, but I’m excited and hopeful to keep up the posts. Bliss is doing very well. We feel like we climbed Everest after her second and final cochlear implant last April, and are now on the next leg of the journey; […]


It’s been a long time coming, and I apologize for the delay in posting. We’ve had a crazy few months – all good, but a roller coaster adventure. Bliss has been approved for a second cochlear implant, and we are overjoyed~! Since the last posting, …

REACH for Speech!

A couple of months ago we were in Chapel Hill visiting Bliss’ audiologist at CCCDP /Castle. As we waited in the lobby, we spent a few minutes with a wonderful speech pathologist. Ms. M., who we met on our initial visit to the office. Spontaneously…

Sounds of Stillness

The official start of fall is less than 24 hours away… This time of year is hands down my favorite. Everything begins to shift – the color of the leaves, the temperature, the daylight, and the sounds~ With this seasonal shift, my husband and I h…