Spooktacular Sounds!

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Halloween is around the corner, and our family can’t wait to celebrate~! We were gifted some inspiration this week from Bliss’s Godmama Donna Scott. She crafted an awesome haunted gingerbread house via Trader Joe’s with her niece and nephew recently and posted some fab photos via social media. So, in honor of all things spooky, we decided to take some cues from Godmama Donna, follow suit and craft our own haunted Halloween house…….along with all the sounds that go bump in the night!

Before supper one evening this week, we broke out our new haunted gingerbread house kit from TJ’s. It was a hit! Here’s Bliss checking out the instructions and prepping her materials for the house.

PicFrame (3)

Next the spooky assembly began!  We piped the orange frosting as mortar for the gingerbread walls + roof, and framed the doors + windows with frosting as well. Bliss decorated the adorable pumpkin and cat for outside the house with piped orange + black frosting, and she organized + sorted the various jellybeans, colored beads, black bats + white bones to decorate her haunted house.  She was like a pumpkin in a patch, right at home~

PicFrame (4)

PicFrame (5)

Ms. K, Bliss’s SLP, gave us a great idea to discuss all of the spooky sounds her haunted house makes.  Bliss pointed out that her jellybean doorbell would say ding dong, the front door would creak open and shut, the bat’s wings would flap flap, the cat’s feet would sound like pitter pat pitter pat, (and the cat would Meowwww), and when the wind blows the bone curtains rattle rattle rattle.  

Some books we’re reading this week, alongside Bliss’s haunted house, are Maisy Makes Gingerbread (in honor of the gingerbread house) by Lucy Cousins; Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson + Axel Scheffler, and Corduroy’s Halloween based on the character created by Don Freeman.

Here’s a yummy gingerbread recipe from one of my faves, the Pioneer Woman, for some bootastic baking!  And may you enjoy all of the spooky sounds this season brings…

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