Blast from the past

I’m happily and finally back in the world of blog. It’s been a long hiatus, but I’m excited and hopeful to keep up the posts.

Bliss is doing very well. We feel like we climbed Everest after her second and final cochlear implant last April, and are now on the next leg of the journey; developing her speech. It is both exciting and challenging.

We had a wonderful experience with the REACH Program at Castle in Chapel Hill, and we are now studying privately with a fabulous SLP in our home town, who came recommended to us via our SLP at REACH. We began meeting twice weekly with Ms. K the end of last summer and are now studying with her once a week.

In addition, Bliss is receiving two weekly speech therapy sessions through our local school system, which is great!

This past week Ms. K worked on using “past tense” with Bliss. We sat around a table and each did something. Ms. K clapped and said ” I’m clapping, I’m clapping.”. Then she stopped and said “I clapped. I clapped.”. It was a fun game, and each of us had to come up with a simple activity we could do at the table (snapping, yawning, etc…), verbalizing our action, and then the past tense of that particular verb. Bliss had fun!

We read “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear,” by Don and Audrey Wood.  Ms. K broke out her awesome book kit (which I’ll go into next post) and Bliss was entranced….mostly, she is 3. Ms. K uses small representative objects for the various characters that appear throughout the book; basically a mini puppet show that is acted out. It’s pretty cool. She focused on asking Bliss logical questions about the story as she read along. Developing comprehension.

This week we are charged with past tense input, input, input! So since Wednesday’s lesson, we’ve been talking about everything, everything, we do throughout the day, using present and past tense. We’re pretty happy; last night before bed time Bliss spontaneously said “Hey, I dropped my ear!”. (ear is code for implant processor that she wears on her ears). We just have to keep up the consistent blast of past tense input and in due time, it will be achieved….and a thing of the past.



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