It’s been a long time coming, and I apologize for the delay in posting. We’ve had a crazy few months – all good, but a roller coaster adventure.  Bliss has been approved for a second cochlear implant, and we are overjoyed~! 


Since the last posting, we have attempted cochlear implant surgery in her left ear, on two separate occasions. The first attempt in December and the second attempt again in January.  Both attempts failed due to congestion and a middle ear infection. 


We were deeply disappointed, but also thankful for the care and compassion of her doctors in Chapel Hill.  Although everything was in place for surgery, the amazing team of medical professionals made a hard but smart decision, and halted surgery for another time, putting her health first.  We are now keeping our fingers crossed for another try later this spring.


In the meantime, Bliss is doing great!  This week we’ve had two sessions with Amazing E and a great online meeting with her speech pathologist Ms M. at CCCDP for REACH.  We are approaching our weekly goals like workers bees and taking it a day at a time, working on our specific marks each week, and trying daily to reach our goals. 


One of our main goals includes weekly “buzzwords” – nouns, verbs and adjectives like “bee,” “run,” “sleep,” “big,” “eat,” “more,” “walk,” and “push” that we focus on and work with daily.  Each buzzword takes a journey – first there is input of the word; then comes comprehension; then follows imitation and finally, spontaneous use.  We’re learning cool and fun techniques to implement each stage of the vocabulary process.  For instance, Amazing E had Bliss make a “bee” out of construction paper that’s sitting in our kitchen as a visual reminder of her buzzword.


Each week we’re taking each buzzword and putting it through the paces until we get the end result, the honey, which is spontaneous use. This week it happened at one of our speech sessions when Bliss grabbed a pen and stated “my pen!” She also spontaneously said “toy,” “paper,” and “mama shoe” this week in context. These phrases and words have not been specific buzzwords on our list, however, she’s added them to her repertoire.  We’re abuzz with happiness and hope, and it’s definitely made this week sweet.




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