REACH for Speech!


A couple of months ago we were in Chapel Hill visiting Bliss’ audiologist at CCCDP /Castle.  As we waited in the lobby, we spent a few minutes with a wonderful speech pathologist. Ms. M., who we met on our initial visit to the office.  Spontaneously, Ms. M. spent a few minutes telling us about a new program they’re initiating called “Reach,” where we would have weekly video conferences with her and/or other speech pathologists until Bliss is the age of three.  Basically, the chance for complimentary speech therapy for Bliss, for another year.  Were we in?  Oh, like Flynn!  

The past few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of working with an awesome IT gentleman by the pseudo name, Mr. R.  He’s just plain fabulous, and after some troubleshooting via telephone, we’re officially up and running!


We begin our first videoconference/speech therapy session with Bliss next week, and we can’t wait.  She was in our den/office one of the times we tested our video connection, and she was completely mesmerized by the live moving + talking person on the other end of the computer, Ms. M.  


Most of all, we’re looking forward to expanding our knowledge with new training to help Bliss with her speech development and comprehension.  Also, we hope to become better advocates for our daughter.  Ms. M has provided a laundry list of toys and items to help assist with new teaching techniques, and we’re beyond excited at this new learning opportunity technology has given us and all of the folks the program extends to.  


Another perk, we don’t have to travel far to connect with some of the country’s most talented and giving speech pathologists.  Their library of knowledge and ability to help is just a mouse click away.  


As with any computer based program, there have been a few bumps in the road in terms of technology.  All of that aside, CCCDP/Castle has proven to be committed, patient + progressive…..reaching patients far + wide.  Stay tuned and see what new adventures come our way and the distances Bliss will reach with her evolving speech.



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