Turning A Page


If life were a book, the past couple of weeks for our family have been filled with new chapters. Fall is in the air, and the weather has become wonderfully, noticeably cooler ~ We sadly lost a dear family friend ~ A longtime friend was married ~ The Democratic National Convention came to our Queen City, bringing many people and lots of opportunity for small and big businesses alike ~ and Bliss began a new chapter…..she started preschool.

We decided to send Bliss to a preschool close to home and one that I’d had some really positive experiences with.  The director is top-notch, and has been nothing but helpful and attentive to Bliss’ needs, and the past couple of weeks have proven that we chose well~

Bliss’ teachers are amazing!  They have called each time her implant’s processor has stopped working, due to a battery issue or something quirky.  It’s been great, because if I’m available, I can run her back-up processor to her school, so she has very little time without hearing. And most importantly, we get the sense that Bliss’ teachers want her to hear during time at school. They care, and that is huge!

New words have been springing forth from her, as well as some new sassy behavior:) She just turned 22 months, and she is quickly approaching two.  She says “More” and it sounds like “More.”  She said “Spoon” and it was clear.  She spontaneously said “Cheese!” when I brought it out of the fridge. She is attempting the actual word “Airplane” and also approximated “Olive Oil.” She also has learned “No!” with the head shake. However, her new big word is “Apple.”  It is so clear and in context – it blows me away every time she says it.  What is even cooler, is that her class is currently studying “Apples” during the month of September – she heard and learned “Apple” at school.  It is like a switch has been flipped, and her new environment made up of the best language models possible, her peers, has spurred on her development in a new, unforeseen way.

Also, another unforeseen action has been happening at home. Her processor and hearing aid have been removed a lot, especially when mom and dad are not giving attention like it is desired. Sometimes the removed processor is graciously handed over to mom or dad, and sometimes it’s thrown like a boomerang.  Last week, I lost it, broke down and cried when the processor came off for about the 20th time.  My husband is the man, and he talked me down. With all of the high points of the past couple of weeks, this new behavior has definitely been the most challenging. We think with her new life change of preschool, Bliss is letting us know who is ultimately in control of wearing her “ears.”  It keeps us on our toes and tuned in.  More on that later!

She is making connections easily now too; For instance, I can ask her to get a book without gesturing. She will go find one and bring it to me.  Also, she is the happiest we’ve seen her. WOW! She is hearing, and she is understanding.  Thank you CCCDP, Chapel Hill + all of our speech and language superheroes!

We are so excited about Bliss’ new chapter and can’t wait to see how her story will continue to unfold~

*This post is in memory of Fletcher Green~



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