Music To Our Ears

One of the most exciting doors Bliss’ cochlear implant has opened to her is the world of music. She loves it.  Here’s a video of her playing a musical toy – the green turtle, and doin’ a little groove.


Singing songs to Bliss throughout each day is another encouraged activity to help strengthen her listening skills.  The “Itsy Bitsy Spider” is her fave, in addition to “Patty Cake,” and “Open Shut Them.”  We also like to make up songs and sing them to her – it’s fun and keeps us on our toes~

We also went to story time at our local library recently. The brilliant storyteller played the Chicken Dance Music, and the kids went crazy.  Every day deserves some chicken dance.

She is learning how to snap, and sometimes will just break into dance when she hears something musical from her environment or in her mind – it’s pretty awesome.  

Now that the dog days of summer are upon us, we plan on having daily dance-offs at our house. Bliss has a “Music Together” CD that she enjoys hearing, and she’ll/we’ll freestyle dance to it when we can.  It rocks, it’s fun and it’s freeing.

On that note, Bliss also has really increased her mimicking, both verbally and vocally.  If one of us lilts our voice or slides from a higher pitch to a lower pitch, or vice versa, Bliss attempts to repeat what she’s heard.  Her dad has a great ear (yup, he’s a daddy-o musician), and they have fun playing repetition with sounds + songs.

This new world of music is a definite score, and we can’t wait for whatever comes next, as Bliss’ discovery of music and expression grow…..for us, it’s a high note.

Sound Bites 

-Yesterday Bliss heard a train in the distance, looked at me, and said, “choo choo.”

-We looked at a book of farm animals yesterday and after a couple of weeks of not repeating “whoo whoo” for owl, she pointed at the picture of the owl and said “whoo whoo.”

-She consistently declares “all done” when she finishes a meal.

-When asked “where is your sippy cup?” she will find it and pick it up.






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