Goodbye Ms. Willow Oak


When I was a little girl, there was a big tree beside our house.  My mother told me and my sisters that fairies live in trees, and that it would be good to bring them gifts like acorns, leaves and surcies that fairies would find lovely.  She also encouraged us to have pretend parties beneath the tree – basically, to imagine and enjoy.  I am 41 years old, and I remember this.

Today we said goodbye to a faithful friend, Ms. Willow Oak. She lived in the front yard of our house we believe for 90+ years, and she weathered a lot.  She was a bad ass tree.  So this morning, the Butterworth Tree Angels arrived to carry her down to earth and bring her back to dust.  

Then several things happened as the day unfolded….

I posted a pic of her best angle on Facebook this morning, and several friends posted comments. Lucy Hazelhurst, a talented and wonderful woman, suggested we read “The Giving Tree” in honor of Ms. Willow Oak. I think Bliss will love it (It will also fulfill the daily book quota we adhere to for speech therapy, more on that later).  

Our friend, Jory, suggested we have a tea party on Ms. Willow Oak’s stump (brilliant idea!).

And finally, mid-morning, we enjoyed a playdate with our friends visiting from Alabama, Patty, Sofia + Nathan. When we arrived, Sofia was wearing green fairy wings, and called herself the “Fairy Queen.” Her mom, Patty, then found a pink pair of wings for Bliss to don.

Tree, tea + fairies….it feels like life has come full circle.  

So on this day and in honor of reading, and most importantly, imagination, we raise a teacup to Ms. Willow Oak~





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