Sounds like a Superhero Strategy

As soon as Bliss was diagnosed with severe and profound hearing loss, support nets began to fly in. North Carolina is a great state to live in if you are hearing impaired.  The combined state supported programs that are in place to help parents, children and caregivers serve each and every child with hearing loss until s/he is is 21 years of age.  Let me tell you, these programs and their employees have been a lifeline to me and my family.

Within days of her diagnosis, Chapel Hill had effectively communicated Bliss’ situation to all of the proper agencies, and they in turn contacted me.  In less than one month, we had a team in place to support us: Amazing E with the NC Early Intervention Program for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Marvelous M + Soawesome S with Mecklenburg County Children’s Developmental Services and Gogetem J with Beginnings (yes, they each deserve a superhero name).

These folks came to our home, explained their roles in Bliss’ development and designed schedules, strategies and lessons that were immediately put into place.  Was I shocked + overwhelmed, like Lois Lane in Superman? You bet.  However, as a result, we meet weekly with Amazing E, monthly with Marvelous M or Soawesome S + at 4 years of age with Gogetem J. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

From these meetings, come the core of Bliss’ development and the pearls of her growth.  We’ll share specific strategies that are used day in and day out and hope to give several “sound bites” each post, about Bliss’ daily discoveries.

On that note, I have to thank a friend of many years, Michael N., who is behind the superhero inspiration for this post.  Michael N. recently told me about a fabulous new Marvel Superhero named “Blue Ear,” who uses a special listening device for super-sonic hearing.  “Blue Ear” was created in honor of a four year old hearing impaired boy. It is an inspiring and heartwearming story, check it out. Just click here to read more, and be sure to stay tuned….





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